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Thirty-one thousand added to Voters’ List

PROComm | 2012-11-30 00:00:00

The names of 31,827 eligible electors have been added to the Voters’ List, the updated version of which was published by the Electoral Commission of Jamaica on November 30. 

 The names of 11,204 electors confirmed as dead were also removed from the List, which now stands at 1,692,861. The previous list, published in May of this year, contained 1,672,238 electors.

 “The 11,204 electors removed is a significant increase from the 4,185 electors removed during the last period. This reflects the current initiative by the Commission to reduce the number of dead persons on the list,” Director of Election, Orrette Fisher noted.

 Mr. Fisher added that the production of voter identification cards for the over 30,000 new electors will begin on December 3, and estimated that the cards should be ready for distribution within two weeks.

 The national Voters’ List, which contains the complete list of persons registered and eligible to vote, is updated every six months and published every year on May 31 and November 30.

To be added to the Voters List, each elector must apply in person, at which time his or her personal information, fingerprints and photograph are taken at registration. The fingerprints are electronically cross-matched with existing ones in the database to prevent duplication. Before the registration process is complete, the residence of each elector must be verified by EOJ personnel, accompanied by scrutineers appointed by both major political parties.

The online Voters’ List database will be updated on Monday, December 3, and persons wishing to check their names on the List may do so, the following day, by visiting

Printed copies of the new Voters’ List will be placed at constituency offices, post offices and other selected public buildings.

 The next Voters’ List will be published on May 31, 2013.  Persons who wish to be added to this List are being urged to register before the March 31, 2013 deadline.

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