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Jamaica’s Security Minister says no extension to traffic ticketing amnesty

Ministry of National Security | 2012-12-28 00:00:00

Minister of National Security Hon. Peter Bunting says there will be no extension to the traffic ticket amnesty that will end on Monday December 31.  

The amnesty which has been in effect since July 1 allows motorists to incur no additional fees or penalties on unpaid tickets issued prior to September 21, 2010, once they are paid in full.

“We will not be extending the amnesty, and, in fact, for the last two months or so we have increased our media advertising, alerting motorists that December 31 would see the end of the amnesty” the Minister said.

The amnesty was implemented through an act of parliament which stipulates that it will be in force for a period of six months from the commencement date and shall then expire unless its duration is extended by resolution in the Houses of Parliament. The act was passed in the House of Representatives on April 24, 2012 and in cabinet on May 3, 2012.

Minister Bunting says there has been an increase in the number of motorists coming forward to pay the fines in recent days. He however, expressed regret that persons waited until the last minute to come forward.

The National Security Minister said the full extent of the law will be applied to motorists at the end of amnesty.

“They will be in the same position they were before… they will be liable for the ticket, for the points; they will be subject to possible bench warrants being issued for their arrest and essentially they will be in the same position they were in before the amnesty was announced” Minister Bunting said.

Motorists may take advantage of the amnesty by
visiting or calling the Traffic Ticket Amnesty hotline at 928-2155, 928-3450, 928-9831, 928-4181, 930-3505, 930-0147 or 930-0042 to get their ticket numbers.

They must have the traffic ticket number to pay fines at the tax office.

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