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JPS Net Billing Programme growing

Jamaica Public Service Company Limited | 2013-03-20 00:00:00

JPS is reporting that its net billing programme is gaining momentum as the Company has connected its second net billing customer, while 99 other applications are at various stages of being processed. The processing stages include inspection of the premises, licensing, contract signing, installation of the power generating system, certification and commissioning.  Licences are issued by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining. Forty (40) applicants have advanced beyond the licensing stage and are preparing for connection to the national grid.   JPS’ first and second net billing customers use solar and wind power respectively, which are the main renewable sources of interest at this time.

Net Billing allows a JPS customer to generate electricity for his or her own use with the intention of selling any excess power generated to JPS, under a Standard Offer Contract.

Specifications pertaining to the system size that a residential or commercial customer can install to sell energy to JPS, can be obtained from the JPS website at  The power must be generated using a renewable resource such as the sun, water, or wind.  
JPS Project Manager for net billing, Volton Campbell, notes that the Company is anticipating that the net billing programme will make a significant contribution toward helping to change the energy landscape in Jamaica.

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