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Minister of National Security say murders down 40%

Ministry of National Security | 2013-06-19 00:00:00

Minister of National Security Hon. Peter Bunting says murders year to date are down 40% when compared to the corresponding period in 2010. The Minister was making his sectoral presentation in parliament today.

The Minister says year to date figures compared with last year also show a decline in violent crimes.

“When we examine year to date statistics compared with 2012, serious and violent crimes were down by 10%; and, acquisitory crimes, robbery, housebreaking and larceny were down by 13%” Minister Bunting said.

He says murders were reduced in 2012 to its lowest in nine years and there has been an increase in the seizures of narcotics and illegal firearms, which he says are up 8½% and 14%, respectively.

Minister Bunting says he knows that the fact that statistics are showing improvement is not enough for victims and their families, but, it is important to indicate the progress being made.  

“We are making some progress; however, we are still, in absolute terms, at an unacceptably high level of crime by international standards”

The Minister encouraged all well thinking citizens of Jamaica to join in the fight against crime in Jamaica. He says he and his team are confident that there are many law-abiding and decent citizens across Jamaica who are prepared to support the work of the Security Forces.  He says he knows they are willing to take action to help stem the tide of lawlessness and although much has been done, success will only be gained if everyone works together.

“We, the people, need to resolve that individually, or as a community, we are accountable; and, therefore, it is our resolve to Move Towards A Safe and Secure Society” Minister Bunting said.

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