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All female juveniles in the correctional system now housed at South Camp

Ministry of National Security | 2013-09-04 00:00:00

Fulfilling a commitment given by Minister Peter Bunting during his sectoral debate presentation in June that there would be a complete separation of juveniles from adults in the correctional system by the end of 2013, the Ministry of National Security is announcing that all female juveniles are now housed at the renovated South Camp Road facility.

Last week the female juveniles at Diamond Crest Juvenile Correctional Centre were transferred to South Camp Road Correctional Facility and today the remaining 25 girls from the Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre have been relocated to South Camp Road.

The Government's juvenile diversion policy has effectively reduced the number of juveniles in correctional facilities across the island. With respect to female juveniles, this number today has been reduced over the last two years by more than half to total sixty one juveniles in custody as at this morning.

The renovated facility is designed to eventually be separated into two separate though adjacent facilities, to house both the islands female adult and juvenile inmates. Nevertheless, for the immediate future the juveniles will be the only occupants at the South Camp Road facility, as the adult females will remain at Fort Augusta until, and unless, the Port Authority has need for the facility.

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