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JPS works to keep Streetlights on in Maxfield Avenue and Environs

Jamaica Public Service Company Limited | 2014-02-04 00:00:00

Energy Provider, JPS is pressing ahead in its efforts to address breaches that prevent the operation of functional streetlights in Maxfield Avenue and surrounding environs.  Residents have recently complained that the streetlights were non-operational, creating a threat to their personal security.

However, several investigations on the part of the Company, have identified multiple breaches which have resulted in the streetlights malfunctioning.  In some instances, there appear to be deliberate attempts to damage the lamps, while in many other instances, there is clear indication of illegal use of the streetlights for domestic power supply.  These breaches have on occasion, not only damaged the street lamps, but also resulted in the burning of transformers, and entire Energy Guards (pole mounted cases containing meters).

JPS crews removed 314 illegal throw-ups from streetlight circuits, shortly after reports from the residents about non-functioning lights.  With continued work in the community, several of the streetlights have been restored, but JPS is again appealing to residents to desist from interference with the public lighting infrastructure.  JPS crews have also been working extensively in the Greenwich Farm and Whitfield Town communities, in an effort to keep streetlights free of interference, for the benefit of the communities.

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