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Minister welcomes the return of the Police Federation to the bargaining table

Ministry of National Security | 2015-06-04 00:00:00

Minister of National Security, Peter Bunting, MP has commended the professionalism demonstrated by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force who have remained in their posts, putting the interest of the citizens of Jamaica and their duty to the nation as a priority.

He described their actions as selfless and honourable, befitting the new type of policing that is being practiced by our Constabulary. “I wish to commend the leadership of the JCF who - with the support of the majority of the police men and women across the island - ensured that the safety and security of the Jamaican people, they swore to serve and protect, was not compromised,” said Minister Bunting

In acknowledging the challenges being experienced by members of the JCF, the Minister renewed his appeal for all members of the Force to return to work; and welcomed the decision of the Police Federation to resume negotiations. “I maintain that the bargaining table is the place where the interests of all parties are best served. I understand the concerns being expressed by the Police and it is my hope that the reopened negotiations will lead to a quick settlement,” said Minister Bunting.

The Minister also thanked members of the Jamaica Defence Force for working with the Police to ensure adequate security coverage for the nation over the past few days.

Minister Bunting wishes to assure citizens that the national security forces remain vigilant and that every effort is being made to ensure the maintenance of law and order during this time.

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