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Illegal connections in Rocky Point cause malfunctioning streetlights

Jamaica Public Service Company Limited | 2015-06-11 00:00:00
JPS is reporting that rampant illegal connections in the Rocky Point community of Clarendon, has resulted in several streetlights malfunctioning.  Late last year, the energy Company sought to stem the high rate of illegal connections in the area, by among other measures, implementing the Residential Advanced Metering Infrastructure (RAMI).   With the configuration of this system, residents can no longer use throw ups to connect to the JPS network.  Consequently, as has happened in other areas, residents have sought to breach the streetlights to gain power supply.  This has led to the short circuiting of the lights, which were not designed to supply electricity for multiple household needs.   While the Company has been working hard to address the situation, residents are continuing to tamper with the lights, causing them to repeatedly malfunction.  JPS is appealing to residents to desist from these activities, which not only affect the quality of power supply they receive, but also result in damage to the street lighting infrastructure which is critical to security.   The RAMI system facilitates the remote reading of meters, as well as remote connection and disconnection.

Posted By :Audrey Williams

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