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IslandNet rolling out Anywaredata WiFi hotspot network

| 2016-07-12 00:00:00

Right across the Nation, IslandNet is rolling out its Anywaredata WiFi hotspot network at highly frequented locations in Jamaica’s cities and towns. This is one of several services offered by IslandNet. There are currently hotspot zones in the high traffic areas such as parade in downtown Kingston, Halfway Tree, Manor Park, Cross Roads and in other cities and towns such as Montego Bay Savanna-La-Mar, Mandeville and Junction in St Elizabeth. More WiFi zones are slated for activation and the public is encouraged to look out for zones coming soon to a location near them.     

Anywaredata WiFi hotspot zones provide free data access to anyone who connects to the network with a WiFi enabled device (Cell phones, tablets laptops etc) It is part of a greater initiative to bring an affordable data alternative to Jamaicans who want to access the internet and its services wherever they are and while they are on the go.

“Data has become essential to the way that many Jamaicans communicate, stay in touch and transact business with the world and each other.   We are providing the Jamaican people with different types of reliable data services for business & free Wifi in the places visited and traversed most. It is important that as the world moves to way of communicating that necessitates data access, Jamaicans keep step by remaining connected for work and play. Island Net is committed to Jamaica, the Jamaican people, to the countries growth, prosperity and lifestyle and we look forward to putting a Free WiFi zone within the reach of every Jamaican in the very near future”  Said Andrew Massias CEO of IslandNet

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