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JAMPRO heads to New York on export promotion mission

JAMPRO | 2016-09-13 17:00:00

Kingston, Jamaica.  The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) will lead a seven-member trade delegation to New York City to promote Brand Jamaica. The group of Jamaican manufacturers will saturate the city from September 14-18, 2016 under the agency's export promotion mission titled "Roadshow USA". The programme's major aim is to increase sustainable export sales through greater penetration of Jamaica's existing core markets.

With over 70% of Caribbean migrants living in Florida and New York, the estimated $75 billion dollar sales value of the ethnic foods market, and the strength of the Jamaican brand in the city, the Agency strategically targeted New York as part of its ongoing market development plans. During the mission, Honey Bun, King Pepper, Carita Jamaica Ltd, Salada, Wisynco, Grace-Agro Processing and Spike Industries will participate in business-to-business networking forum, market visits and a sampling event targeting the Caribbean Diaspora and international ethnic food enthusiasts.

According to Robert Scott, Vice President of Export and Market Development at JAMPRO, "Our trek to the city is part of a two-year programme, designed as a principal strategy to deepen the penetration of core markets in the USA. A large number of importers and distributors that serve the Tristate and other markets across the continent are located in New York, this provides access to retailers not only in that area, but in the rest of the US."ť

The Agency hopes to build demand for products in Diaspora communities while attracting lucrative business from large international distributors and retailers. Pointing to a study done by the USDA's Economic Research Service, which concluded that diversity, more mature consumers and U.S. population growth will shape future U.S. food markets, the agency is positioning Jamaican exporters to exploit changing food and population trends to increase their sales.

"JAMPRO has previously taken the roadshow to Georgia, Texas and Florida in the US; we have also executed two successful missions to Canada over the last 12 months. All have done well in connecting business partners, finding new markets (and shipping goods to those markets) and creating the most returns on investment for participating companies,"ť Scott explained.

"We are targeting buyers from all segments, with the Diaspora being the primary target group. The entire Tristate area represents a significant opportunity for Jamaican producers,"ť he said.

Robert Scott, JAMPRO's Export and Market Development Vice President lauds the success of the programme in building relationships, he said, "A Road Show provides the perfect forum for our exporters to have direct interaction with other businesses, buyers and customers. It also provides the intimacy required to develop "hands on" long-term sustainable relationships, and ultimately repeat purchasing,"ť explained Scott.

Roadshow New York attendees will experience an array of Jamaican products at the sampling event, at Sam's Caribbean Marketplace (225 Hempstead Turnpike, West Hempstead, NY) on September 17 from 1-6 pm. An outside broadcast of the event will be provided by New York based radio station -Irie Jam Radio.

JAMPRO's export and market development programme brings Brand Jamaica to thousands of people internationally each year.  JAMPRO is an Agency of the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, to learn more about the services offered to exporters and buyers of Jamaican products visit:

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