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JPCo Tackles Stone Revetment On Palisadoes This Saturday Beach Clean-up expands company recycling project

Breakthrough Communications | 2016-09-15 18:00:00

Kingston, Jamaica: Jamaica Property Company Ltd (JPCo) will join the International Coastal Clean-up efforts on Saturday, September 17. The team from JPCo will focus its collection at the stone revetment on the Palisadoes Strip.

“We want to make our day as impactful as possible, last year our team was stationed at Fort Rocky, so this year we decided to try a different location from the list of areas provided by Jamaica Environment Trust,” said Nadine Tarawali, environment, health and safety officer at JPCo. “So, come and joins us, as we do our best clearing up garbage along the stone revetment.”

More Than Trash

The team of 20-plus staff members will expand on the company-wide effort to promote recycling.

The commercial property managers, launched a recycling pilot project in June, aimed at promoting environmental awareness and encouraging proper waste disposal, beginning with its own garbage collection at its offices at 60 Knutsford Boulevard.

“Our pilot project starts with labelled recycling bins to replace the commercial orange skip situated in the central facility area of the Pan-Jam building. Within the company [JPCo] we have focussed on re-organisation, sensitisation, monitoring and evaluation, and implementation,” said Tarawali.

She went on to explain: “Our custodial staff and tenants have since been sensitised on how waste should be separated for this project — domestic waste, paper, and plastics,” Tarawali went on to explain.

Tarawali said the vision of the project is in the germination stages and will primary focus on its New Kingston buildings before eventually being implemented at our properties in downtown Kingston, and eventually in the Manor Park area.

The recycling project also manifested JPCo’s responsibility towards the preservation of the environment.

“As the leading property development and Management Company, we see first-hand how waste impacts the work environment. We want to start a culture change about waste management, beginning with the buildings we manage. After analysing this phase, we will get it going for other corporations,” said Steve Sherman, general manager of JPCo.

This project Sherman believes will encourage organisations to be more vigilant with waste management and see it as another step towards environmental responsibility.

Tarawali, the organiser of JPCo’s Recycling Project said: “We are aiming for this recycling project to make a long-term impact, and from the pilot study we hope we can approach the New Kingston Civic Association to garner their support to involve other companies so that it will lead to a culture change among corporate Jamaica.”

About Jamaica Property Company

Jamaica Property Company is a fully owned subsidiary of Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Limited. For over 50 years, Jamaica Property Limited has developed, invested in and managed many of the island's prestigious commercial, retail, and residential properties and is regarded as the pioneer of high-rise properties in Jamaica.

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