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JPS, USAID & JSIF Partner to Bring Light to Majesty Gardens UAID Invests $10.8M to Assist with Regularization

Jamaica Public Service Company Limited | 2016-09-22 10:00:00

JPS is reporting that it has entered into a partnership with the United States Agency for International Development  (USAID) and the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), to assist 400 residents in Majesty Gardens to receive legal electricity.  The partnership sees USAID providing materials to the tune of over US$85,000 or roughly J$10.8M, to produce ready boards for homes which cannot facilitate regular house wiring.  JPS will be investing J$6M in infrastructural development in the area.  The ready board is a wooden panel which has basic wiring and carries two sockets, a bulb and a breaker unit.  The board is installed inside the home and is particularly useful for small or one room dwellings, which do not meet regular construction standards. The ready boards will be assembled by engineering students at the University of Technology, St. Andrew. 

Speaking at the recent contract signing ceremony for the initiative, JPS President & CEO, Kelly Tomblin, spoke emphatically about the Company's mission to provide an energy solution for every Jamaican.  "We are taking every step we can, to remove barriers which prevent persons from becoming legitimate customers.  Today, we have removed one more obstacle for people who simply do not have access to legal electricity,” she stressed.  She also pointed out that these residents would now have access to safe and reliable electricity supply – a major shift from their present situation. 

Also speaking at the ceremony, Manager of Strategy and Operations, at Deloitte & Touche, Sophia Peters, noted that USAID was pleased to support the initiative. “We are happy to bring an international technical innovation to the Jamaican context,” she emphasized.  “Now residents will be able to get affordable light and no longer have to worry about unsafe wiring conditions for their families and children," she said.  Highlighting the collaborative nature of the project, she explained that the ready board design was finalized after working with JPS engineers and the Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI).  She added, “USAID is interested in supporting those who do not have any other economic options.  That really goes to the core of who we are. We have done similar programmes in Brazil, Kenya and other countries, and we look forward to the success of the programme here in Jamaica.”

JSIF’s Managing Director, Omar Sweeney, in his remarks, noted that the legal electrification of Majesty Gardens, is an important aspect of the agency’s urban renewal plan for the area. This, as JSIF plays a key role in the development of vulnerable communities which sometimes require special intervention.

Meanwhile, Dr. Noel Brown, Head of the School of Engineering at the University of Technology, noted that the school was delighted to play a role in the project.  He explained that the assembly of the ready boards would be undertaken by 2nd and 3rd year students.  “We are looking at getting out 100 in a week, so the whole 400 could be done in a month,” he informed.  Adding, “As engineers, we pledge that we will use the laws of natural science in the service of humanity.  In a small way, we are serving the people of Jamaica by being a part of this ready board project.”

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