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Haiti receives well needed aid from LASCO

Breakthrough Communications | 2016-11-17 11:10:00

LASCO donated over 1,000 cases of LASCO product including iCool water, canned food, baby food and formula, LASCO Food Drink, as well as feminine personal care products from Curves. Unilever, one of LASCO’s major distribution partners, also supported with their Red Rose and Lipton teas, as well as home care products, including Breeze powdered detergents.

The Hon. Lascelles Chin, Executive Chairman and Founder of LASCO Affiliated Companies, spoke passionately about providing assistance to Haitians following the events of Hurricane Mathew.

“If there is one thing I have learnt over the years, it is, there is no excuse for not giving. What happened to Haiti is unfortunate. It is something they had no control over and it is without hesitation that LASCO made the choice to aid in whatever way we can to offer the persons affected some comfort or relief in a difficult time. I have seen those with less than I have continuously support their communities, and as such, I am moved every day to ensure that my LASCO family, Jamaica, and our neighbours are okay,” said Chin.

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