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LASCO Top Cop builds Peace Park

Breakthrough Communications | 2017-01-10 14:48:00

The project was originally undertaken by Morant Bay Primary School in 2015 but was left incomplete for over a year due to a lack of funding. The school reached out to Corporal Pinnock for aid and his nature of protecting and serving coupled with his passion for his alma mater energized him to find the resources no matter the cost.

“I have always had a passion for giving back to my past schools,” stated Corporal Pinnock. “But more importantly, I hope this Peace Park will help the students to value the underpinning philosophy of peace and its importance in bringing about meaningful change in their lives.”

“Luckily, I did not have to go too far for support. When I reached out to LASCO for possible assistance with this project the support was immediate and generous as they covered the cost of the building materials as well as support on the day’s construction,” concluded Corporal Pinnock.

For the students, the Peace Park will become a part of the school’s behavior modification strategy according to Guidance Counselor Pauline Henry.
“The peace park will allow for the school to offer a serene space outside of the classroom for our students,” stated Henry. “We hope to offer individual and group counseling there for the students and opportunity for self care for the Teachers as they utilize the space to debrief.”

With a small but mighty team of 25 community members, teachers, students and fellow LASCO Top Cop finalist Const. Dameian Haye, Corporal Pinnock took on a monumental task. The team engaged in repairing benches, erecting a picket-fence, constructing seats, general cleaning of the area, painting and touching up a wall to wall mural. Full completion of the Peace Park is scheduled for the end of January 2017.

A native of St. Thomas, Corporal Pinnock has served as a member of the JCF for 17 years, 12 of which has been spent within the Motorized Patrol Division. The long serving Corporal also holds a Master of Science Degree in Work Force Training and Education and a Bachelor of Education in Technical Vocational Education and Training, majoring in Family and Consumer Studies, both from the University of Technology. In addition to his career in the JCF and his studies, Pinnock has also been active within his community as he initiated a Health and Family Life Education Programme in Lysson District, St. Thomas in 2015.  He also piloted the Cognitive Change, Attitudinal Change, Improve Learning and Positive Mentorship (CALM) intervention programme at the Donald Quarrie High School in 2012 to remediate the challenges of disruptive behaviour and poor socialization skills displayed in students.

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