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Massy Gas Products meeting Global Customer Service Performance Standards

Breakthrough Communications | 2017-05-25 09:43:00

Gas Pro’s commitment to exceptional customer service has seen them being recognized on more than one occasion. In addition to the outstanding results on the survey conducted by the internationally recognized ASCI, Gas Pro has also been awarded twice, in 2013 and 2106, with a Private Sector Organization of Jamaica/Jamaica Customer Service Association Customer Service Excellence Award, highlighting them as market leader in the field, locally.
Rohan Ambersley, CEO Massy Gas Products believes excellent customer service is crucial to their business on all levels and is proud of the company’s achievements and recognition as the leader in customer service performance in Jamaica.

“We have invested a lot in our customer service management system so we can achieve optimal customer service performance, from all levels of our staff. Customer service is a big part of our mandate and subsequently plays a massive role in our business, and as such, we aim for the highest standards throughout our operations,” he said.

Ambersley also revealed that the company’s focus is on the globally accepted standards for customer service performance, a mark they are already hitting but hope to continuously improve. “Our efforts were recognized on several occasions, including the outstanding results on the ASCI survey and the PSOJ awards.  Hence, we are now focused on improving the areas customers identified to us that we should concentrate on to even better our rating this year and surpass the global customer service performance benchmark,” Ambersley concluded.

The ACSI survey was conducted on Massy Gas Products and focused on three of their customer segments: bulk or commercial users, dealers and domestic users. The overall customer satisfaction of 84% was above the benchmark for the group and considered in the upper levels of global performance.

Massy Gas Pro has shown that customer service is their top priority in provision of their products and services to consumers. Emphasis is placed on each role and personnel in the Massy Gas Pro Customer Service Management chain as each person’s input is valued and recognized as a key part of the company’s successful customer service delivery. Massy Gas Pro even extends training to plant operators and dealers in recognition of the fact that, their interactions and customer service performance, is integral in the operations and success of the company’s Customer Service Management System.

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