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SunCity High School DJs pull with LASCO

Breakthrough Communications | 2017-05-25 09:49:00

The 17-year-old Jonathon High School student ‘DJ Malik’ led the field from the start of the finals, battling Russell ‘DJ Russ Buss’ Gordon from Campion College and Tajay ‘DJ Matalon’ Burton from Papine High School to take the title in the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre.
To start the night, Britanya ‘DJ Bling’ Carthy and Alleyah ‘DJ Chaotic’ Wright battled for LASCO Curves Female DJ Competition.

DJ Bling from Holy Childhood High and DJ Chaotic from St Hugh’s High School were chosen to showcase their skills in 2017 after impressing in the inaugural staging of the competition in 2016.
The ladies kicked off the energy level in the Kingston venue on a high, starting with a five minute each juggling round.

For Round Two, the ladies had to chose three songs to ‘Buss Di Place’ with old school hits and for the final round they battled ‘Tune Fi Tune’.

Judges Renee Rose, brand manager of LASCO Curves; Lyshon Davis, brand manager of LASCO iCool; and SunCity SunJock Neero were impressed with the level of skill showcased, especially by the winner DJ Chaotic.

The 16-year-old DJ Chaotic walked away with a trophy and gift basket from LASCO Curves; Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) Smarter Card valued at $5,000; and SunCity branded items.
“This competition speaks volumes about girl power,” Rose said at the prize-giving ceremony.
“It shows that girls can do just as good and even better than the males. It is also good that we can help the young women to find what they are good at and develop those skills,” the LASCO Curves brand manager said.

The energetic crowd were then treated to the Loop Players’ Choice Showdown by Tajae ‘DJ Webley’ Webley from Charlemont High School and Denham Town’s Shamore ‘DJ Avoo’ Richards.

As part of ‘Loop Is Always Current’, the contestants were required to juggle three minutes of carnival/soca songs to match the season.

They were then asked to create a Storyline in round two; before going Tune Fi Tune with five songs in round three.

This time selector Bishop Escobar joined the panel of LASCO iCool Brand Manager Lyshon Davis, and SunCity SunJock Neero and they had a harder time choosing a winner.

With four points separating the two, DJ Webley defeated DJ Avoo for the second time (they met earlier in the competition) to claim the Loop Players’ Choice Showdown title.
iCool’s Davis, and SunJock Neero were joined by Camille West, marketing manager at Loop News to judge the feature presentation of the evening.

The three — DJ Malik, DJ Russ Buss, DJ Matalon — had five minutes each to showcase their spinning skills including one Jamaica Cultural Development Commission festival song.
For round two, the student DJ were given a quick challenge backstage to blind-pick a genre and theme to play.

DJ Russ Buss picked soca genre on the theme Rags To Riches; DJ Malik picked hip hop to play on the theme of Drug Abuse; and DJ Matalon had the reggae genre to show Parental Appreciation.
Sixteen-year-old Matalon got top points from the judges as he called up his mother in a sweet moment.

For round three, “Last Man Standing”, each student DJ had the chance to introduce their songs and counter the other songs played.

They all shun, but DJ Malik — with a huge contingent from the Spanish Town-based school there for support — impressed with his showmanship and song selection to cap off the 10-week competition, sponsored by LASCO iCool.

He received a raft of prizes including eight weeks internship at SunCity Radio; a personal trophy from iCool, as well as a school trophy from SunCity; laptop and laptop bag;  three month contract as a SunJock; and a $10,000 Smarter Card from JUTC.

Lyshon Davis pledged LASCO iCool’s support of the high school DJs at the end of the night, saying the students will be given a platform to showcase and earn from their skills.

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