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AAJ Hosts Annual Yuri’s Night Celebration

Breakthrough Communications | 2018-04-11 17:48:00

The Astronomical Association of Jamaica (AAJ) will host the local Yuri’s Night ‘Space party’ on Thursday, April 12,  as the world marks the first time a human being flew into space.

Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet cosmonaut, was the first man to orbit the earth from space in his Russian made Vostok 1 spacecraft on April 12, 1961.  Coincidentally, April 12 is also the anniversary of the first launch of the United States Space Shuttle 20 years later on April 12, 1981.

“As always, we are excited to host our annual Yuri’s Night event, particularly because it is both a great entry point for persons interested in space and fun for amateur astronomers,” explained Nathan Henderson, President of the AAJ.

The ‘party’ will start promptly at 6:00 pm on the roof of the University of the West Indies (The UWI) Physics Department and is free to the public.

The UWI is home to the Programme to Enhance and Apply our Knowledge of Space (PEAKS), an unmanned satellite designed to serve the West Indies region, with a two-pronged objective of motivating students to do the sciences, as well as to kick-start the Caribbean’s space industry.

The UWI Physics Department Rooftop provides an excellent vantage point for viewing celestial objects and the vastness of space. Several powerful telescopes, strategically perched higher than the surrounding structures allow visitors to observe the beauty of the cosmos.

“In addition to the many telescopes for our guests, we will also have a collection of entertaining and educational videos to provide great insights.  Further, our members will be on hand to answer questions in plain English,” added Henderson. The event is open to all guests, membership not required to attend.

Yuri’s Night is celebrated with live events in over 50 countries and several online activities as well.

The AAJ meets on the last Saturday of each month at the Department of Physics at 7:00 pm.

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