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LASCO/MoEYI Principal of the Year launches Beginning Principals Mentorship & Coaching Programme

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The LASCO/Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI) Principal of the Year 2018 Howard Salmon officially unveiled a specially designed online platform which will facilitate leadership training for new and budding principals on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at the Mandeville Hotel. 
Aptly titled the Beginning Principals Mentorship & Coaching Programme, the project aims to help principals with zero to three years experience, reduce the knowledge and leadership gap required to shape excellent institutions of learning.
“The goal is twofold,” noted Salmon. “To improve classroom instruction and, ultimately, student learning; and to build a principal's instructional leadership capacity by helping that principal understand the needs of students and teachers and the best strategies to meet these needs.”
Salmon went on to outline that his approach was propelled by the desire to reach principals across the educational landscape without them having to travel to a central location which is one of the main benefits of employing webinars. Using a webinar as the platform of choice will also make it easier and cheaper for principals to be engaged by the different topics of discussion.
“It is really sharing life experiences as a principal over the years but not using the traditional approaches such as conference rooms or seminars but using emerging technology,” explained Salmon.
Beaming with pride was LASCO Distributors Limited Brand Manager Renee Rose who was proud to be a part of the launch of another industry changing project.
“Earlier in August, we witnessed Mrs. Ingrid Peart Wilmot, reigning Teacher of the Year, make an impact with the launch the LASCO Master Class programme with similar objectives for teachers across Jamaica,” said Rose. “And we are delighted that Principal Salmon is now charting a new course for his colleagues.”
“LASCO is happy to continue to support; and be a part of making the plans of some of Jamaica’s finest educators come to fruition. We have no doubt that this project will be a success and reap the desired outcomes,” concluded Rose.
Having earned a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science Degree in education, Mr. Howard Salmon, has been dedicated to creating and monitoring policies and practices that promote a safe learning environment. His passion and dedication has driven him to over 33 years of achievement and experience in developing productive students and administrators.
Bringing greetings on behalf of the Jamaica Teachers Association, Immediate Past President Georgia Waugh-Richards expressed her elation at seeing the vision of Salmon fulfilled through this program.
“I feel very strongly about this because years ago as a new principal Mr. Howard Salmon, my education officer, invested in me and so, whilst I bring greetings on behalf of the JTA, I also have to give my personal endorsement to this project” she stated.
Having experienced the challenges that comes with leadership in education, Salmon will use the webinars to address topics such as recruiting practices, student welfare, parent intervention, strategies to motivate students and parents, current educational trends such as examinations and a host of other related topics.

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