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Remarks by Hon. Oliver Clarke, Chairman, Gleaner Company Limited, August 5.

The Gleaner Company | 2015-08-05 00:00:00

This afternoon the Gleaner and RJR signed an historic agreement to merge their media operations after approval by shareholders, the courts and all regulatory agencies. This merger will create a vibrant and strong Jamaican owned media operation. The Gleaner newspapers will continue publication using existing names. Both companies will call General Meetings when so instructed by the court, to seek approval from their respective shareholders for the merger.

When the merger is completed, in a few months’ time, each Gleaner shareholder will receive one RJR share for every Gleaner share owned and will continue to own their Gleaner share. The existing Gleaner Company will continue to operate with its non-media assets, under a new name, and with its existing shareholders.

The Gleaner Company is very pleased to be coming together with such an exciting partner, RJR. We know and respect each other as competitors. We will now be able to work together to provide better  products for our advertisers, better opportunities for our staff whilst we continue to strive for the provision of accurate, timely and detailed news and entertainment for our readers and viewers in Jamaica and throughout the Diaspora.

As two long-serving Jamaican companies, and the only two that are mass owned and listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, we are delighted to combine all our media operations to provide a much stronger Jamaican owned and operated media and communications group.

The Gleaner, a 180 year old company, coming together with RJR is intended to give us longevity, diversity and new energy.  We see the prospects for all those things in our coming together with RJR.

We are deeply indebted to our advertisers, our staff, our journalists, our columnists, our readers and our directors who have built us to be what we are. We look forward to your ongoing support. We assure you that we have found a good ally in RJR to increase our strengths and expand our offerings. 

There are plans for more interesting times ahead for our advertisers, with added value and more options as we advance in these new, social and digital media spaces.

This coming together is good for Jamaican and regional media; it is good for our country, our shareholders, our advertisers and our clients. 

This merger would not have been possible without the diligent work of Gary Allen and Christopher Barnes. We thank them. And also the Boards of RJR and the Gleaner who have spent a great deal of time ensuring that the terms of the merger are advantageous to both companies.

Personally, I look forward to working with Lester Spaulding, Chairman, Gary Allen, CEO, Christopher Barnes COO and the staff and clients of the merged company to build success for all and to make Jamaica a better place.


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