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Demo Company Launches Information Website Get More Zone

Kingston, Jamaica (November 30, 2011) - Demo Office launched its information website called GetMoreZone found at on November 30, 2011 at the Xamaica Hotel. GetMoreZone is designed to allow users to get more information about products and services offered by business across Jamaica and the Caribbean.

"This is a great example of how Demo Company integrates multiple disciplines to provide the best service for users and advertisers," said John Doe, president of Demo Company. "In this case, we have listened closed to the needs of our users and our advertisers and developed a product we believe will benefit both"

In addition, GetMoreZone facilitates real time discussion between visitors and business via online chat rooms. This supplements the carefully selected content and aesthetically pleasing layout that visitors to the site will find. GetMoreZone aims to make finding formation easy and for visitors to get more out of visiting the site.

Demo Company is a twelve year Jamaican company specialising in lead web applications development. Our expertise in web design, wed development, web hosting, search engine optimization is delivered by 40 employees. To find out more, please visit

Mary Jane, Demo Company Ltd.
(876) 922-3400
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The Press Release Format

You must report in the "third person". Just like a news release, a press release purports to report on an event, circumstance or occurrence by a third party. When writing a news release, be a reporter and report on yourself or your business.

Third Person Example: "According to John Doe, the next version of Webster's Dictionary will include two new slang terms that were identified in his research as being part of ...".

Inappropriate Example: "I, John Doe, was informed that the next version of Webster's Dictionary will include two new slang terms that I identified in my research as being part of ..."

Press releases are most effective when they are under 500 words, generally two to three paragraphs, preceded by a clear and attention grabbing headline.
Remember, this content is intended to be used by the media, so be accurate and reasonably detailed.
(Begin with the text immediately below)


Be creative and keep it to one sentence. Capitalize the first letter of all words but do not use all upper case letters. Exclamation marks ("!") conveys that your release is advertising, not news, and it's the credibility of news that generates the good publicity.

Paragraph 1

Physical location (country, state, city), Month, Day, Year - Begin with a strong introductory paragraph that captures the reader's attention and contains the information most relevant to your message such as the "Five W's" of (W)ho, (W)hat, (W)hen, (W)here, and (W)hy, when applicable. This paragraph should summarize the News Release such that if it was the only part seen by a reader, it would tell your entire message, and it should include a hook to get your audience interested in reading more.

Paragraph 2, 3, 4, ...

These paragraphs should contain more detailed important information, and make up the body of the release. Pick up with the information provided in your first paragraph, including quotes from key staff, customers or subject matter experts. Make sure you use correct grammar so as not to affect your credibility negatively.

As for content, make sure to keep in mind that you are writing a press release to grab the attention of the media. It is very important to maintain factual accuracy, make sure you are cleared to use quotes or information about businesses, and most importantly have an angle that will appeal to journalists (often by connecting your release to current events or issues). Effective releases usually utilize a strategy known as the inverted pyramid, which is written with the most important information and quotes first.

Try to keep the press release to fewer than 500 words total. Remember, succinct and to the point works best.
The body of your release should be more than one paragraph. The final paragraph should restate and summarize the key points of your release.

Additional 1

Provide avenues for the reader to obtain additional information, demos, samples, etc., and it is important to Internet links. Firstlook ® provides special data submission fields for company/agency name, contact, telephone, email address, website location, etc. and other online connections (links).

Additional 2

Include trademark acknowledgments, product or event timelines, availability, logistics, etc. in paragraph form.

Additional 3

Background information about the company featured in the release, if appropriate, as well as any applicable statement or disclaimers.

Additional 4

With a Firstlook submission, include contact information about the release (name, title, email, telephone, etc.). Make sure it is the person who can answer questions about the release. (End with these characters immediately below)
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