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JLP maintains pressure for NHT board to be fired
Pointing to calls from the private sector, church and civil society for an investigation into the purchase, Chang, in a statement today, said there is national consensus that a new board is needed.

NHT chairman faces media
Douglas is to respond to questions about the NHT's purchase of the Outameni attraction at a press conference tomorrow.

Digicel in breach of Internet neutrality principles - Eastern Caribbean telecoms authority
The ruling resulted from its move to restrict Over the Top(OTT) Services, in particular Viber, to users of its telecommunications services across the Caribbean.

Dalvey, Golden Grove residents plead for fire station
This after fire destroyed sugar cane valued at more than J$1 million and a house in Cheswick, also in the Dalvey area, on separate occasions this month.

Four illegal guns, assorted ammo recovered
The police recovered four firearms, two of which were high-powered weapons, in separate incidents on the weekend.

Press association celebrates Journalism Week
PAJ President Dionne Jackson Miller says the organisation is using the week's activities to strike the right balance between celebrating, socialising and introspection.

Media workers hold church service to start Journalism Week
The newly installed president of the Press Association of Jamaica, Dionne Jackson-Miller, said Jamaica is to be recognised for embracing the practice of journalism.‎

New trafficking in persons curriculum for secondary school students
The curriculum was developed by the National Task Force against Trafficking in Persons and seeks to promote greater awareness among students and teachers about human trafficking.

Improved security for downtown Kingston
Scott says a police post has been established inside the St William Grant Park to improve security in and around the facility.

Guns, ammo seized, one arrested
In the first incident, the Port Maria Police report that a 9mm pistol and 9 rounds of ammunition were recovered after a man opened fire on a police team in the Bonnyís Gate area before escaping.

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