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Transformational Coaching - the new tool for improving Employee Productivity

Forward thinking managers have been searching for a way to enhance their personal effectiveness and the performance of those they lead. They are constantly seeking greater productivity and harmony at the workplace recognizing that this is the only way they can be globally competitive.

Growth Facilitators (GF), led by Partners Marguerite Orane and Robert Wynter have recently introduced a powerful new leadership tool, “Transformational Coaching” which they believe is the secret local managers and supervisors have been looking for. “Transformational Coaching is the art of assisting people in enhancing their effectiveness…in a way that they feel helped.”

In the culture of coaching there is a shift in the boss / subordinate mind-set: managers become coaches, who are able to create mutually supportive, high-trust relationships between people. There is a strong business case for coaching – research of 100 Fortune 1000 executives revealed that every $1.00 invested in coaching programs created $5.70 in improved results!

In order to keep Jamaican leaders in the forefront of global competitiveness, Growth Facilitators has formed an alliance with the author of The Heart of Coaching and architect of the Transformational Coaching model, Thomas G. Crane. Last week the alliance hosted Jamaica’s top business leaders at the Hilton Hotel for a Coaching Breakfast. Wayne Chen, CEO Super Plus commented on his organizations use of coaching. As guest speaker at the event Mr. Chen indicated that Super Plus cares for their employees and so coaching is the sustainable and right approach to ensure everyone in his organization gets it.

According to Marguerite Orane, in Growth Facilitators, “Transformational coaching is a way to honour and tap into the wisdom of every member of an organization in a very respectful and caring way. For Jamaicans, whose number one cry is of feeling disrespected, creating a coaching culture and a new way of communicating is a powerful way to get team members aligned to the vision of the organization, understand the strategy and feel empowered and committed to taking whatever steps are necessary for the organization to succeed”.

Progressive leaders are choosing coaching as a fundamental part of their response to pressures for higher and higher levels of performance. Through partnership with Growth Facilitators leaders can acquire the skills required to create a positive Coaching Culture in their organization by participating in training workshops which previously have only been available overseas.
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