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Your career in comedy
In Britain, The Telegraph reports that sales of comedy DVDs have been soaring as Britons try to "laugh off their sorrows". The British Comedy Guide reported in December 2009 that the DVD market in that country is as healthy as ever...

Saving the treasury
Wanted: a manager of risk and investment guru. Do you have what it take to manage investment and borrowing decisions, daily cash and liquidity, track and interpret trends and changes in the local and international financial environment?

Cover all angles with the right cover letter
The cover letter which you will submit with every application for employment plays a vital role and should not be treated casually.

New IT training centre for Kingston
A new IT training unit has been opened at the EXED Community College in Kingston with the assistance of the Indian Government...

Can you be a webmaster ?
Jamaica's Internet penetration has grown 20-fold in the last decade, and is now at 55 per cent, or 1.5 million users, according to the most recent global industry data...

No job too small
It was the desire to be in the thick of action that changed Dylan Coke's career path from law to investment banking.

World day for safety and health at work
The UWI Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health (OESH) Programme will join the international community in celebrating World Day for Safety and Health at Work under the theme Managing Risk in the Work Environment: my life, my work, my safe work.

Transformational Coaching - the new tool for improving Employee Productivity
Forward thinking managers have been searching for a way to enhance their personal effectiveness and the performance of those they lead. They are constantly seeking greater productivity and harmony at the workplace

The Performance Manager
Managing employee performance is a crucial aspect of work that all managers and rating officials conduct throughout the year. However, few persons really like performance appraisals and even fewer know how to effectively conduct them.

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