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International Career Readiness Certificate to launch pilot for Jamaica
The ICRC will soon launch its pilot in Jamaica facilitated by ACT, the larger equivalent provider of College Entrance Examinations to the SAT in the United States.

Controlling changes in a project
Throughout a project, events may happen that necessitate minor or major changes to the plan. Most changes happen because of errors at the planning stage. Lots of changes to the plan may be an indication of weak management

Understanding team formation
It is important to understand the problems of forming new teams and the type of development a team goes through before it can get down to work and, as nearly all projects are made up of teams working together.

Developing teams
A team implies a number of people working together to achieve results, while a group of people does not. A group implies a collection of individuals who, although they may be working on the same project, do not necessarily interact with one another.

Responding to risk
The one possible response when you respond is to ensure that you have a plan in case of major risk. This would mean developing a response plan before the risk has occurred. Then the response plan can simply be executed should the event occur.

Assessing risk
For each potential risk event, estimate its impact on the time, cost and scope of the project. Bear in mind that a single risk could have multiple effects. For example, the late delivery of key component could cause schedule delays, cost overruns.

Managing risks
Risk management is all about deciding what to do about risk. There are several techniques that help control and reduce risk. These include risk reduction, risk avoidance, risk transfer and risk acceptance.

Speak up! The art of conversation
A seminar for people uncomfortable at making small talk or generating or maintaining conversations and business people who want to communicate more effectively on the job.

Defining project management
There is no one definition of a project. However, most experts agree that a project is a unique thing with a start and a finish. They also agree what a project is not - routine work, every day tasks and the normal day-to-day activities of a company.

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