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International Career Readiness Certificate to launch pilot for Jamaica

The ICRC will soon launch its pilot in Jamaica facilitated by ACT, the larger equivalent provider of College Entrance Examinations to the SAT in the United States.

The pilot will provide opportunity for individuals and organisations to benefit from this certificate.

What is ICRC?
  • A certificate which indicates that an individual possesses the core employability skills needed for the workplace.

  • It is based on a system called WorkKeys which is key to the assessment of the core foundation skills needed for virtually every job

  • It is a measure of workplace skills not academic knowledge. It therefore assesses what you can DO, versus what you KNOW.

  • It complements existing qualifications such as CXC's, skills certificates or degree qualifications. The ICRC can also be used when an individual has no formal qualifications.

  • It can be used with entry level, management and professional level positions

  • It is transferable to various jobs

  • It is a portable credential, allowing you to access jobs throughout the USA, in Canada, the Caribbean and other countries.

  • Businesses are now requiring the ICRC as it helps them to increase productivity and reduce turnover and training costs.

Who can take the ICRC?
Anybody can take the ICRC including pupils from as early as grade 10 and individuals who want to:
  • Improve their workplace skills

  • Increase competitive advantage hence their chances of getting a job locally or overseas

  • More easily identify jobs for which they are best suited

  • Minimise time spent applying for jobs for which they would not readily adjust

  • Improve their workplace performance

  • Improve their ability to apply their academic knowledge in examinations at the CXC level or final year of any programme.

What is required to obtain the ICRC?
To receive the ICRC one has to successfully complete three WorkKeys assessments which serve to measure an individual's competence in the three areas common to all tasks whether academic or professional:
  1. Reading for Information

  2. Locating Information

  3. Applied Mathematics

Cost of the ICRC?
Jamaica and a select group of Caribbean countries are participating in a Pilot of the ICRC. The cost to participants will be considerably reduced during the Pilot period. Individuals and Businesses wishing to participate in the Pilot must register by November 28, 2008.
  • Reading for Information US$16.50

  • Locating Information US$16.50

  • Applied Mathematics US$16.50

For more information on the ICRC or to register, you may email QOHC at, call 620-9056 or 791-8188 or visit their office at 59 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5.
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