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Simple ways to upgrade your look

Ten ways to upgrade your look
Dressing for success doesnít have to mean becoming a fashion maven or spending a lot of money. There are some blunders that people commit when it comes to choosing office wear. Here are some dont's followed by the do's...

Permanent Underling
  1. Dress shoes with broken shoelaces

  2. Pants cuffs that drag on the ground

  3. Forgetting to shave

  4. Bedhead

  5. Frayed shirt collar and cuffs

  6. Visible skin between shirt and pants

  7. Flip-flops

  8. Tube tops, spaghetti straps, halters

  9. Loose, unstructured clothing

  10. Fleece vest

Boss Material
  1. Casual shoes with a fresh shine

  2. Pressed jeans or slacks with a sharp crease

  3. Neatly trimmed facial hair

  4. Regular haircuts (even for the long-haired)

  5. Clean, wrinkle-free knit shirt

  6. Leather mules or sandals

  7. Itís called a belt

  8. Tops that will accommodate a bra

  9. Clothes that fit your figure

  10. Sport coat

  11. Reference: BNET courtesy of Entrepreneurship blog
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