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Image: what it entails

Laura Butler

There are many perceptions on what image is; Most commonly, it is seen as a reflection of your personality. To portray a positive image it is important to understand the basics, which are reflective of you.

Image basics
It starts with the right attitude which is not only to make yourself more marketable or respect company policies but it is important for you to take pride in yourself, how you look and present yourself. The value of presentation and good grooming can be seen if you hesitate to place your hands on a table or are reluctant to wave because of offensive underarm odour.

There are times when your stockings gets caught in something and you have to take them off and you are uncomfortable because you did not get around to grooming properly. Or are you too afraid to sit as you could find the right colour socks to wear or feeling conscious in small spaces because you urgently need to pop a mint.

These are some of the situations one encounters, but they affect your level of confidence and affect the entire package.

It starts with the basics, from head to toe/hair to shoes, everything is a representation of you. Fragrances need to be selected with care as you need to ensure that it complements your body chemistry.

You would be amazed to know that its the little things that we forget to do or fail at times to place importance on that can present a challenge.

Our health and eating habits, physical condition, state of mind and a number of other things can pose a problem for us at they relate to our personal image.

Lack of exercise
Exercise is something that some people would say they don't have the time to do for one reason or another and the response at times for the lack of exercise if any at all is " I do not have the time or I cannot find the time".

But if your life changed drastically and you were told by the doctor that you will die if you don't start within the next week, you may find that your priorities change. In this situation of urgency versus importance, urgency will take priority and you will find time to exercise.

We all as human beings may find this to be factual.

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Laura Butler is the director and founding member of Invision and director of Success Jamaica Limited, which organises "Surviving the Corporate Jungle". She also serves as director on the Consumer Affairs Commission and the Small Business Association of Jamaica. She can be contacted at:
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