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Sling 'em up

Bags are an important part of your work attire. Apart from the utility, they have evolved into the most fashionable and fun piece of your outfit. Some styles for the office goers.
  1. Style:Oversize work bag. Also perfect for that casual Friday at the office.
    Colour: Brown with silver accents.
    Material: Leather with a flat finish.
    Price Range: $3000-$3500

  2. Style: Medium Baby Fat work bag.
    Colour: Black with gold accents.
    Material: Patent Leather
    Price Range: $6500-$8500

  3. Style: Big Maxx New York Bag

  4. Colour: Dark green with gold accents.
    Material: Leather
    Price Range: $5000-$6500

  5. Style: Big oversize bag. Perfect for work and out on the town. It can fit your make-up, a light lunch, almost anything you want.

  6. Colour: Blue with silver accents.

  7. Material: Leather

  8. Price Range: $3500-$5000

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