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SEAM LINE - Smart and elegant

Instead of the ordinary skirt-shirt, skirt-jacket combination, a snappy work dress is an option.

Dresses boast the advantage of being a terrific figure shaper, especially when paired with a corseted or girded waist. Matched with the perfect accessories, a simple dress can be dynamite. The resulting silhouette is likely to add a rise in self-image as well.

Style: High-neck, high-waist, cap-sleeve dress with broad belt.

Colour: Black on black stripes.

Material: Polyester/rayon/ spandex.

Care instructions: Dry-clean only.

Price range: $4,750-$5,000.

Photo: Amitabh Sharma

Outfit courtesy: Kabella's, Shop #6 Premier Plaza, Kingston 10. Tel: 906-7058.
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