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Seamline - Go Floral

Not every woman can live with just the polished work look alone. Floral prints are not the everyday work wear but they should definitely be a part of your wardrobe. The elegant curves of this formfitting jacket and flare skirt celebrate the outlines of the female figure. Spice up up your closet today!

Floral Skirt Suit

Style: Cap sleeve, v-cut jacket with two front pockets. Pockets are accentuated and lined with a fine gold chain.

Material: Cotton and Ramie

Style: Knee length, flare skirt with a fine gold chain that hangs across the front.

Colour for both: Black, Red and white floral

Material: Linen and Viscose.

Care Instructions for both:

1.Do not over press.
2.Machine wash.
3.Hand wash cold.
4.Tumble dry low.

Price Range: $5000-$5200

Outfit courtesy: Kabella's, Shop #6 Premier Plaza, Kingston 10. Tel: 906-7058
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