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A career in gender and development

The institute for Gender and Development Studies (formerly the Centre for Gender and Development Studies Mona Campus Unit) Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies provides training for those who wish to add to their areas of competence an understanding of gender.

As noted by Institute head, Dr. Leith Dunn,
understanding gender helps to create an awareness of power differences between women and men in the family, school and wider community and how these differences impact on their status, survival and development.

But, what careers are possible in this field? Professionals at the institute, graduates can pursue career opportunities in:

* International organisations (e.g. UN)
* Media and Public Relations
* Social Work
* Psychology
* Career Counselling
* Guidance Counselling
* Public Administration
* Public Policy Specialists/Analysts
* Development Planers
* Human Resource Managers
* Social Policy Researchers
* Cultural and Community Affairs
* Marketing Managers
* Health Industry Personnel
* Policy Planning (Education, Health)
* Law and Security Forces
* Family Planning Advisors
* Actuaries
* Economists & Financial planners,
* Human Rights
* Women's Rights Advocacy
* Advocates for Men's Rights
* Customer Service Reps
* Language and linguistics
* Telecommunications

How is gender useful?

An awareness of gender can help to improve interpersonal relationships, improve understanding of sexuality and sexual behaviour; the risks of poverty; and differences in access to power, participation at the highest level of decision-making and economic development.

Gender analysis tools are taught and can be applied to a wide range of everyday issues including sexuality, violence and power in dancehall lyrics, and male-female relationships

Gender also provides an understanding of how women and men use education and employment for career development, including women and men working in traditional & non-traditional occupations

Other areas in which gender improves understanding include;

*How gender, race/ethnicity & class influence access to human rights and justice.

*Reproductive health needs: women & men Understanding Crime and Violence

* Economic development programmes
Equitable power sharing between men and women
and improve the quality of our lives.

Gender researchers also produce and disseminate research findings on many issues affecting women, men, and children and gender relations in the Caribbean.

Men and women with a first degree can pursue graduate studies to earn a Masters Degree or Doctorate (PhD) in Gender and Development Studies.

The MSc in Gender and Development Studies is a 2 year programme with course work and a research paper.
The MPhil/PhD Gender and Development Studies is a 3-5 year research programme to write and defend a thesis.

*Source: Institute of Gender and Development, UWI, Mona.
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