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My business failed

Dear Angela,

I was stuck with a job for three years where at the end of the month my pay check was $0.00 It caused a lot of stress and strain on my poor husband. I decided to try a working from home business so I took a leap of faith and quit after all I wasn't losing anything.

I attempted to do online jobs as well selling perfumed lotions and body wash. At first it started out well and I was able to make a contribution to the household. This was in August, but as the months slipped by business took a nose dive and the online job ended.

I needed something to do so I started to seek employment. Each time I attended a interview and I told them why I left my last job, I was told that I made a bad decision and that if I am employed I will leave their job as soon as I find something better. I am still unemployed and the bills are growing. What advice could you offer me at this time?


Dear NL,

I do know that no-one should work for zero dollars. If it were sales, maybe you are not cut out for sales. However, before you come to a conclusion, try to understand what you would be successful at and what would motivate you.

Ask yourself - Am I a "doer" who likes to work with my hands at things I can feel, see and touch? Am I a thinker using brain power to solve problems; a creator who likes to develop, new ideas and create new things; a carer who likes helping other people; a persuader who can sell ideas and things or an organiser who likes or have things in a certain order?

The fact that you tried your own business may mean that you have an entrepreneurial spirit. If this is so, then you need to determine just what type of business would be best for you with your particular interests and skills. Be aware that some businesses are "seasonal" and go well when people have extra cash to purchase from you but can have very dry seasons when people are focused on other things such as back-to-school expenses.

However, it should not mean that your business is over as you should make provisions for those dry seasons and maybe create another aspect of the business which comes into play at that point.

It is easy in your situation to become desperate and clutch at any opportunity, but I would advise you to be careful when taking on-line jobs and only do so after checking them out very carefully, especially if they require that you make an initial cash investment. I advise you not to give up.

I would need to know more about the type of person you are in order to make good suggestions as to what you could do next. Maybe you could send me your resume and I will review it for you.

In relation to the bills, put measures in place to cut back and economise in all areas of your life. You may have to change your lifestyle by shopping, dressing, eating and entertaining yourself differently.

*Angela deFreitas is General Manager of Choices Career Advice, Kingston. Email

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