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Paying three times for one mistake

Have you considered what can happen if you hire the wrong individual to manage that project which is so critical to your company’s overall performance?

Trevor Smith, CEO of Infoserv Institute of Technology , provider of technology solutions and productivity enhancement through education and training states that this cost ranges between 1.5 to 3.5 times the salary of the position in question.

“Bad hires are not only mentally draining but costly including loss of productivity, recruiting costs, screening, interviewing, testing and training costs as well as disruption of team spirit and other costs,” he states.
INFOSERV, located at 12 Dominica drive in Kingston, has introduced programmes which are intended to reduce the occurrence of recruiting mistakes.

“We, essentially, facilitate the selection process in organization to ensure that they avoid bad hires. This includes training recruiters in the use best practice behavioural interviewing techniques,” Smith tells Careers.

Infoserve uses the talent management tool the Extended DISC , the attitude and aptitude identification tool, which helps to pin down the ways a potential employee will perform in the required role.

DISC, a psychometric test developed by , is an acronym and stands for:

D = Dominance
I = Influence
S = Steadiness
C = Compliance

Upon completion of a short questionnaire, you will receive a report which will help you to understand:

Your strengths and limitations
How you like to communicate with others
How you cope with stress
How you manage situations that may cause conflict
How you make decisions
How you are motivated and what may cause you fear
How you like to manage others

DISC also helps to identify the way in which given roles should be performed to get best results.

The Extended DISC, developed by Dr. Marshal Goldsmith in the United States
also facilitates coaching, training or consulting around employee development, hiring, and employee retention needs. These tools are often used to develop leaders, managers and teams of people.

Extended DISC Caribbean is a joint venture between Extended DISC International and the owners of INFOSERV. Operations began in January 2001.
Services which are said to be most popular locally are recruitment and selection, role fit (career guidance), team and productivity enhancement and supervisory management

Infoserv facilitates, Smith states, the recruitment, selection and orientation (on boarding) of the ideal candidate the role in demand.
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