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Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

In today’s information age, increase in standards, automation and technology has led to vast amount of data being available. Business intelligence is now the art of sieving through large amounts of data, extracting information and turning that information into actionable knowledge. Data warehouse technology has empowered this process by creating repositories.

A data warehouse is, primarily, a record of an enterprise's past transactional and operational information, stored in a database designed to favour efficient data analysis and reporting (especially OLAP) The method of using summary files instead of operational data is in essence what Data Warehousing is all about. A typical data warehouse needs to be scalable, secure, open and, above all, suitable for publication.

Skills requisite for Data warehousing professionals include in-depth understanding of the data warehousing lifecycle (requirement analysis, design, development etc,) and expertise in one or more areas. Extensive knowledge of various DW & BI tools: Databases, OLAP, COGNOS, ETL and Data cleansing, especially Business Objects, ETI and Teradata are important.

Experience in interacting with domain experts to understand external business factors and design new strategies on how they can be addressed by applying data warehouse architecture techniques is a definite advantage. Data warehousing professionals are in demand across verticals; BFSI, Retail, Pharmaceuticals and customer relationship to name a few.

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